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Development of Digital and I/O Libraries

Libraries of standard cells consist of primitive logic gates and primitive memory elements (latches and flip-flops) with the different loading abilities. The quantity of elements in each library usually achieves a few hundreds, but can reach thousand and more. Functionality and geometry of elements, their timing and power parameters are the elements of a set of databases are used by various design automation tools (structural and layout synthesis).

On the basis of standard cells libraries the customer may design complex digital devices automatically from the behavioral description at the level of register transfers for their subsequent implementation on integrated circuit and the calculation of their timing and power parameters.


Behind its shoulders, AlphaCHIP LLC has long-term experience of standard cell and I/O libraries development. This experience was acquired together with the world leaders of the semiconductor industry - Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor companies.

During more than ten-year period of work, AlphaCHIP teams got a huge experience in the development of different kinds of libraries at the best world level.

The variety of the products developed by our teams covers a wide technological range of minimally admissible sizes of CMOS transistor gates length (from 250 to 45 um) using both traditional CMOS technologies and high-speed Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) systems. More than 100 releases of the libraries for various technology processes were produced by AlphaCHIP teams.

Engineers of the company have experience of libraries development for various purposes: high-speed, compact, low-power, etc.


AlphaCHIP offers the services to develop standard cells and I/O libraries. The libraries development results can be implemented for the design of digital and mixed-signal devices at System-on-Chip (SoC) level and exactly such product is delivered to the customer. The advanced CAD tools of the leading EDA software vendors like Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys are used within design flow.

All the projects developed by AlphaCHIP teams have been done with high quality and delivered to the customers exactly in the terms stipulated in corresponding Statement of Work in spite of very hard requirements to the project milestones. Any project results delivered to the customers are supported duly and with highest quality after such delivery is done.

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